How to solve mouse scrolling issue in Ubuntu?

How to solve mouse scrolling issue in Ubuntu?

I have installed Ubuntu 16.04 and sometimes the mouse scrolling is terrible. I often face this difficulty and you also might if you have installed one. Fixing this issue is much much easier than you could imagine. You can solve mouse scrolling speed in two easy steps.


Steps to solve mouse scrolling issue in Ubuntu

Easy Step to solve mouse scrolling:

You can just unplug the USB and insert it again. In most cases, this solves the mouse scrolling issues. I use Microsoft mouse and it works perfectly fine. The scrolling speed gets normal again after doing this.

If this does not fix your problem you can fix it using installing imwheel.

Solve mouse scrolling using imwheel

  • Open the Terminal (shortcut – Ctrl + Alt + T ) and install imwheel. imwheel is available in the official Ubuntu repositories.
  • Type the following command in the terminal and press Enter.

    [rara_box box_color=”success-box”]sudo apt-get install imwheel[/rara_box]

  • Now, create a file called “imwheelrc” in your home directory. I will be using Gedit to open this file using Terminal.
  • Type the following to open “imwheelrc” file and hit Enter.

    [rara_box box_color=”success-box”] gedit ~/.imwheelrc[/rara_box]

  • Finally, paste this code given below in that file and save it.
    None, Up, Button4, 1
    None, Down, Button5, 1
    Control_L, Up, Control_L|Button4
    Control_L, Down, Control_L|Button5
    Shift_L, Up, Shift_L|Button4
    Shift_L, Down, Shift_L|Button5
  • You can control the scrolling speed as per your requirement by changing the value of these “1” located at the end of the first two lines of code. You can set it to 2,3,4 as per your choice.
    None, Up, Button4, 1
    None, Down, Button5, 1

This is how you can easily solve/ control the mouse scrolling in Ubuntu. If you still face problems, address your issues in the comment section.

If you know other techniques which you would like to share with us, do let us know through the comments below.

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