Quickly access your PC folders and files

Quickly access your PC folders and files

It is a tedious task to open a folder deep inside your PC’s hard drive which requires often multiple clicking, which definitely consumes your valuable time while navigating through different sub-folders. There’s an easy solution to this which will save your valuable by allowing you to access your any files/folders more easily just with a single mouse click or keyboard shortcut. Quick Access Popup (QAP), a great free software, provide this features.

Quick Access Popup has great features to easily navigate through different folders, launch websites, application or FTP, create special folders and groups with just a click or keyboard shortcuts.


Installation of Quick Access Popup(QAP)

QAP has a size of about 1.4 MB and installation is very simple.

  1. Visit the official site of  QAP from here and then download the executable file.
  2. When the download is completed, launch the software. Select ‘I agree license agreement’ and click on Next.
  3. Select the desired destination for installation and click on Next.

After that, it starts installing software which takes nearly about 2-3 minutes only. Finally, click on ‘Finish’ to launch it. You will see QAP icon in the taskbar at the right.

Understanding Quick Access Popup Menu

Quickly access your PC folders and files 1

When you first launch it, you will see 6 options: My QAP Essentials, My Special Folders, Settings, Add This Folder, Support This Freeware!… and Close this Menu. The functions of the last two options are clear from their name. So, let’s talk about the other 4 remaining options.

My QAP Essentials: It further includes five menus to access different sections.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 2

  • Switch: It brings to the front one of the running applications or folders open in Explorer.
  • Reopen a Folder: It opens a folder in Explorer from a menu built with the list of folders open in Explorer.
  • Recent Folders: It lists the recent folders memorized by Windows.
  • Clipboard:  It shows the folders, documents, application path or URL saved in your Windows Clipboard.
  • Drives: It provides access to your drive directly.

My Special Folders: It includes the shortcuts to Windows common destinations such as Desktops, Documents, Downloads, Pictures, Network and so on.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 3

Settings: It allows you to configure shortcuts, assign keyboard shortcuts and many more.

Add This Folder: The option add the currently opened folder to QAP menu.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 4

To know more, you can also refer to their official documentation from their website.

Configuring shortcuts in Quick Access Popup Menu

Through the Settings menu, you can easily create shortcuts.

Launch QAP from the taskbar and click on Settings. You can see different options available on the right such as Add, Edit, Remove, Copy, Hot Keys and also Options at the top to change the settings of QAP.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 5

Click on Add and then select Folder and click on Continue.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 6

Click on Browse and navigate through the folders and select the desired folder. You can also assign shortcuts or move that folder to another folder from Menu Options. From Advanced Settings, you can specify certain software to open that files too. Finally, click on Add.

Quickly access your PC folders and files 7

In this way you can easily add, edit, remove or copy websites, applications, FTP, links, groups and so on in your PC. It is a great tool that can speed up your work and reduce your pain of navigating through different folders or application.

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