How To Hide Files Under Image?

How To Hide Files Under Image?

People are very aware of their privacy and want to hide files in a secure place. Some software like Folder Locks, Wise Folder hider etc. allow you to hide your folder by encrypting it which the, of course, the safest way. However, you need to decrypt it every time to access the folder which is time-consuming. If the file size is very large then more time will be wasted during encryption and decryption

In this post, I will be sharing one method to hide your files under an image where someone would never doubt and you can easily access them in less time( it can take a long time if your file size is large).


Steps to Hide Files

Follows these steps according to hide a file under an image.

Step 1:

At first install Winrar or any Zip extractor in your PC. Here’s a link for Windows OS: WinRar Official Site

Step 2:

Create a Folder and add all the files in this folder that you want to hide. Here my folder name is “technowing“.

Step 3:

After you have added the files, you have to compress it. To do so, Right Click on “technowing” folder (the folder which you have created) and select Add to archive…

How To Hide Files Under Image? 1

Step 4:

Now copy this compress file and an image (under which you want to hide this compress file) to any drive. In my case, I copied this files in G drive and my image name is tech.jpg. 

How To Hide Files Under Image? 2

Step 5:

Now open Command Prompt. Go to Run ( Win Key + R) and type “cmd” (without quotation).

How To Hide Files Under Image? 3

Step 6:

Switch to drive you have copied those file. Type “DriveName:” and hit enter. For Example: G:

Then type the following in command prompt:

[rara_box box_color=”success-box”]copy<space>/b<space>imageName.jpg+compressedFolderName.rar <space>preferredNewImageFilename.jpg[/rara_box]

How To Hide Files Under Image? 4

In my case, the syntax will be copy /b tech.img+technowing.rar new.jpg

This command will create a new file named new.jpg. You can see in the screenshot below.

How To Hide Files Under Image? 5

Steps to Access the Hidden Files

If you double click on it, it will show you the image which keeps it away from suspicion. It’s pretty simple to access the file. To access the files you need: Right Click on that Image and Select with WinRar.

How To Hide Files Under Image? 6

Wrapping Up

It’s a good method to hide files of small size under an image but for large size, I don’t suggest you protect your files with this method. You can use the paid software in this case.

Feel free to share your opinions with us in the comment section below.

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