How to create a WiFi hotspot for free?

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free?

The Internet has become one of the inseparable parts of human beings. In this modern era of technology, it’s one the thing that we need most to stay updated and connected with our friends, family, world and so on. With a single internet connection, you can easily connect all your devices such as a laptop, PC, tablets, mobile phones and so on and even many people can access it at the same time.

If you have high-speed internet LAN connection, you can easily share your internet connectivity using Windows WiFi Direct Virtual Adapter on your Windows PC to access them on your other devices. In this post, I will talk about some WiFi hotspot software along with their pros and cons.


Create a WiFi Hotspot for Free in Windows

1. Baidu WiFi Hotspot

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free? 1

Baidu Wifi Hotspot allows you to easily share your computer’s network with your cell phone or tablet for free. As long as your PC is equipped with a wireless network card (or your laptop’s wireless network card is on) and the computer can access the internet, you can create a WiFi network. It also allows you to create a local area network to transmit documents or play games with other computers. It is supported in Window 7 and above versions too.


  • A simple user interface, easy to configure and reliable to use
  • File sharing available between your PC and connected devices.
  • Very small size
  • Shows connected device information
  • Feature to Block and Blacklist the device
  • Provides information of mobile data used


I could not find any.

2. OSToto Hotspot

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free? 2

OSToto Hotspot is a piece of totally free software to create a WiFi hotspot. It’s a super easy utility to turn your laptop, notebook or desktop PC into a portable WiFi hotspot, which allows you to easily share your internet connection (like WiFi, LAN, DSL, Cable, Bluetooth, Mobile Broadband Card, Dial-Up, etc.) with any portable devices, such as a computer, an iPhone, an iPad, an Android phone, etc. It’s well compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows XP and Windows Vista. With the stale ability to turn your laptop/notebook, or desktop PC (with a working wireless adapter) into a WiFi router, free OSToto Hotspot saves you a lot of money. It cuts down on the data usage of your mobile to take advantage of free WiFi networks wherever you are. You don’t need to pay or worry about the overpaying for data usage.

As a WiFi hotspot maker, OSToto Hotspot also allows you to enjoy network with portable devices at anywhere like home, work office, school, bus stops, train stations, bars, cafe, airport, etc. As long as there is a network on a computer, OSToto Hotspot can turn it into a wireless router for portable enjoyment.


  • Easy to use and configure within a few seconds
  • Feature to check your internet connection speed and set shutdown timer
  • Two different WiFi sharing modes: Normal Mode and Speed Mode
  • Feature to blacklist any connected device and to cancel them any time
  • Availability of driver updates feature
  • Very small size and doesn’t consume many resources of CPU


  • File sharing options are not available.

3. mHotspot

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free? 3

 With mHotspot it’s easy to create WiFi hotspots on your WiFi capable Windows 7, 8 or above a laptop or PC. This free app turns your Windows machine into a virtual WiFi router that can connect up to ten devices. You can share almost any kind of Internet connection, including LAN, Ethernet, and 3G/4G, with full security. You can also use mHotspot as a repeater to extend your Wi-Fi signal. No router or external hardware is required apart from your existing one.


  • Can share any type of Internet Connection(LAN, Ethernet,3G/4G, Wifi etc)
  • Shows details of connected devices(name, IP address, MAC address)
  • Shows the network usage(Upload and Download Speed, Transfer Rates)
  • Extends your WiFi range (acts as a repeater)
  • Secures wireless hotspot with WPA2 PSK password security


  • Only 10 clients are allowed to connect
  • User Interface could be improved
  • Clients monitoring is not very reliable

4. MyPublicWifi

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free? 4

MyPublicWiFi is an easy-to-use software that turns your laptop/PC into a WiFi wireless access point. Anyone nearby can surf the Internet through your sharing. The MyPublicWiFi Firewall can be used to restrict user access to specific servers. You can also prevent the use of certain Internet services (e.g. file sharing programs). MyPublicWiFi allows you to record and track all visited URL pages on your virtual WiFi Hotspot.


  • Easy to configure and start hotspot
  • 6 different language options available


  • User Interface is poor
  • Clients monitoring does not work

5. Connectify

How to create a WiFi hotspot for free? 5

Connectify is a paid software to create a WiFi hotspot, however, a free version with fewer features are available. With the free version you can still create and use WiFi hotspot. Connectify Hotspot can transform your PC into a real WiFi hotspot, and share your computer’s Internet connection as WiFi with any other PC or mobile device. Connectify Hotspot is the most popular paid software used in the world. 3 different paid version of Connectify is available: Hotspot PROHotspot MAX and Hotspot MAX Lifetime 3x Bundle.

Pros(Free Version):

  • Easy steps to configure hotspot
  • Gives details of connected devices
  • Shows the network usage (upload and download)


  • Super annoying popup to buy a paid version
  • Cannot change the name of your WiFi
  • Time limitation
  • Consume too much CPU resources and slows down the performance

Wrapping Up:

My personal favorite is Baidu WiFi Hotspot as it is easier to configure within seconds as well as I am able to monitor my network usage, share files among my devices and also blacklist or remove any unauthorized user connected to my network. I hope now you will be able how to create a WiFi Hotspot more easily. We would like to know which WiFi Hotspot software you are using or you prefer.

Lets us know if you have any queries or face any problems- we will love to hear from you.

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