Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM

Torrent is file extension for BitTorrent files. Torrent works on PEER to PEER connection between distributors (known as seeders) and requesting clients (known as leechers). Torrent sites such as PirateBay, Kickass Torrents, Extratorrent, Demonoid, etc are infamous for illegal distribution of copyright materials such as movies, books, etc. Torrents are banned in many countries around the world.

In educational institutes and co-operate offices, Torrents clients doesn’t work at all. In this scenario, Internet Download Manager (IDM) can be used to download torrents easily. In this post, we will discuss top 5 effective ways to download torrents for free. This post is only for educational purpose. We don’t encourage the use of torrents in anyways.


Top 5 sites to download torrents with IDM

1. Seedr

Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM 1

Seedr lets you stream media, read ebooks and more, quickly and anonymously. It offers you 2 GB of space with a free account. Premium services are also available which cost  $6.95/month for Seedr Basic, $9.95/month for Seedr Pro and $19.95 for Seedr Master. You can also earn free space up to 2GB by inviting your friends, 500MB by reviewing Seedr on Twitter or on your Blog and also 1GB space for making a short video on Seedr.


  1. No download speed limitation.
  2. Can stream video online and read ebooks
  3. Caching is very fast but depends mostly on seeders and leechers
  4. Provides a chance to earn free spaces


  1. Cannot add torrent while caching
  2. A bit expensive compared to other services such as Zbigz, Bytebx

2. GetMyTorrent

Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM 2

GetMyTorrent is a free service which allows you to download any torrent files that contain free educational materials, open source software (i.e. Linux) and non-commercial & non-copyrighted materials only. An unregistered user is provided with 2 GB space whereas on registration you get 5 GB space. You can invite and earn space up to 5 GB. Each referral give you 500 MB. Currently, the only free plan is available.


  1. Provides 5 GB space on the registration
  2. Can earn 500 MB per each referral (max 5 GB space)
  3. No limitation on download speed
  4. No Network restriction


  1. Cannot stream videos or read ebooks
  2. No Paid services available

3. Bytesloader

Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM 3

Bytesloader is also a free site that offers torrent downloading along with other features such as downloading YouTube Playlist and Zip Playlist. There is no limitation on the size and download speed. You can also manage different downloaded files in its File Manager section. You can also stream videos, read ebooks, integrate with Dropbox and Google drive.


  1.  No limitation on size and download speed
  2. Includes File Manager to manage your files properly
  3. Caching speed is good
  4. Provision to add trackers while adding Torrent file


  1. The site doesn’t respond properly sometimes. It’s in Beta phase.
  2. Takes some time to initiate download even though after being cache fully
  3. Large files whose download doesn’t complete within 12 hrs gets deleted from the server

4. Zbigz

Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM 4

Zbigz is one most popular site to download a torrent using IDM. It offers only 1 GB of free space. Initially, when it was launched, it used to offer unlimited space but later limit it to 1GB.


  1. Caching is fast
  2. Possible to download even low seeds torrent file under 1 GB
  3. Offers cheap Paid services compared to its competitors


  1. Only 1 GB space is available
  2. Limitation of download speed of 150Kbps

5. Offcloud

Top 5 Effective ways to Download Torrents using IDM 5

It may not be the best site but it surely will be helpful to download large files. It allows only 3 files to download per month. Though it offers 10 GB space, you can add torrents files of any size even more than that and can download that too after caching is finished. This loophole allowed me to 18 GB file.


  1. High speed caching and download
  2. Offers 10 GB space
  3. Cheap Paid services


  1. Can download only 3 files per months

There are several sites similar to these. Some of the honorable mentions are as follows:

  2. Bytebx
  3. Pcloud
  4. Direct-Torrents
  5. Putdrive

I hope the article will be helpful for you. If you face any problems or would like to share something with us, please do comment below.

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