10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019

It’s the month of May and many new android apps are released in Playstore. I am back again with the list of ten best free android apps for this month. In the list, I have included three wallpapers apps, one game app, and six usual apps. As always the apps are in random order and I have personally used these android apps.


1. Backdrops

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 1

Backdrops is one of the popular free android apps for wallpapers that offers a wide range of wallpapers for your smartphone. Its collection is massive with high-resolution wallpapers and new wallpapers are uploaded frequently. You can also join the community and contribute your own pieces of high-quality work or photography. The app also offers a Pro Packs with some amazing wallpapers collection and ads free experience.

2. LED Keyboard

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 2

LED Keyboard is cool customization android apps for your smartphone keyboard. With this app, you can turn your simple boring keyboard into RGB Color Keyboard i.e Chroma Keyboard with RGB color. The app is free and simple to use with few adjustment settings.

This app includes almost all settings features provided by default Google Keyboard along with options to change keyboard fonts, adjusting the keyboard layout, supports a wide range of languages, and some amazing themes for the keyboard which you can get for free watching the ads. You can also control the style, effect color and background key of the keyboard.

3. Skit

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 3

Skit is a simple application manager app for your device. The app categories the app installed by the user and system.  With this app, you see the different aspects such as permission, activities, services, and certificates of android apps on your devices. With this app, you can open the other apps, extract it to export, find in Google Play, share with your friends and even delete it.

It also provides analytics of your smartphone where you can know the total apps installed and the storage used along with a few other analytics. This app also has a premium version that offers few more features like themes customization, detailed statistics for all application, and deletion and extraction of multiple user applications.

4. Aicut

Aicut is a powerful AI based photo editor app. The app uses AI to quickly separate between the background and object and allows allowing different filters for both object and background. Isn’t that amazing having two separate filters in the same picture? In addition to that, you can select presets like Portrait, ColorPop, Fantasy, Natural, and BacklitFix. Some times the app may not separate the background and object precisely but you can manually edit the mask. The app also includes basic adjust of contrast, brightness, saturation, and blur.

5. Digitox

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 4

How often are you addicted to your smartphone? Do you have the habit of tracking your smartphone usage habit? In the last article for best free android apps for April, I have shared about Actiondash which lets you monitor your phone usage. Digitox takes a step further and lets you manage your phone usage. This app shows the total number of notifications you received, a number of times you unlocked the phone, shows the time spend on each app and categories the apps into different categories to show the total time usage.

The best thing about this app is that it lets you set daily usage limit for the app, whitelist the apps to exclude from tracking and let you decide the category for the app. It also shows the data consumed by each app. The app shows the stats for today, yesterday and last seven days. I personally suggest this app as it is one of the best free android apps that let you track your smartphone habits.

6. Notes by Firefox

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 5

Notes by Firefox is a secure notepad app that syncs with Firefox. It is a simple note app to create a to-do list, take a memo, capture an idea or anything you want to save for future references. The notes sync automatically across your Android device and Firefox for desktop. The encryption is end-to-end using your Firefox account. You should create a Firefox account to sync your notes across different devices.

7. Neoline

Neoline is an amazing 3D Live Wallpaper with neon lines. The live wallpaper consisting of neon lines looks great on OLED displays. This app is optimized for battery and consumes less battery enough though you use it. You can try this app and get rid of boring static wallpapers.

8. BattleText

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 6

How strong is your English vocabulary? It’s time to test it using this app. BattleText is fun-filled typing games that seem easy but difficult to win a game. In the game, you compete against the computer or other players to reach the target score. You type a word and the next player type the word with the ending letter. More the letters in the word, the more score you get and increases your chances of winning.

The game features 9 unique personalities to compete against, 72 different levels in Story Mode, Multiplayer mode and Social Media integration to keep your progress. The app also offers in-game purchase to get AutoCompletes and remove ads. Overall, it is an engaging, challenging and fun game to play.

9. Walli

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 7

Walli is another popular Wallpapers app that was featured on Google Wallpapers. Walli is backed by a huge community of artists, that frequently uploads high quality and unique style wallpapers. Unlike other apps, this app has a unique feature to create a playlist of 3 wallpapers (in the free version) that automatically changes your wallpapers. You can browse the wallpapers based on different categories or choose from the featured, recent or popular section.

10. AppsFree

10 Best Free Android Apps for May 2019 8

Appsfree is one of the best free android apps that offers an easy and convenient way to discover and download paid apps, games, wallpaper and icon packs that are free for a limited time. The app updates the list of paid apps that goes free for a limited time on a regular basis. The built-in advanced filter let exclude apps of certain categories that you are not interested in.

Besides these, the apps also feature like notification for apps, dismissal of unwanted apps from the list, categorization of apps, similar app grouping, blacklisting certain developers and a night mode to save some battery on OLED display.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best free android apps for May. Did you have the pleasure of using these apps? If you haven’t tried, install them and let me know your feedback in the comment below. If you have any android app suggestion, please feel free to mention in the comment section.

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