10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019

Thousands of Android apps are released every month which makes the Android ecosystem richer. In the month of January, I shared some of the best android apps which received an overwhelming response. So, I am back with another list of best android apps with more robust and powerful apps. If you haven’t checked those best android apps for January, do check it first.

Some of the apps mentioned below are recently launched and gaining popularity while others were in Playstore for quite sometimes. The android apps mentioned below are in random order.


1. Bottom Quick Settings

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 1

Android phones are getting larger in recent times. Android phones have reformed from standard 3.5-inch screen to 6 or more inch display, and the trend is continuing. The bigger screen size is what we want to enjoy our contents on our phones, but the navigation can get difficult sometimes. In the Android phone, the navigation panel appears sliding the fingers from the top. While some users might easier to navigate, others with short hands struggle to deal with it.

Bottom Quick Settings is the best android app that allows you to move your navigation panel at the bottom. With a swipe gesture from the bottom, you can open your navigation panel. It is pretty handy your fingers are always at the bottom while using the phone. The free version has some limitation such as creating custom tiles, choosing themes and notification settings.

2. Otter Voice Notes

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 2

Otter Voice Notes has been named one of the Best Apps of 2018 by Google Play. It is a smart note-taking app that transcribes the recording (only English language) into text. This app is useful for students to record the lectures and listen/read them later. The app offers features like the ability to combine audio, transcription, speaker identification, inline photos, and summary keywords. The free plan includes 600 free minutes every month which is sufficient for normal usage.

3. Hyperion Launcher

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 3

Hyperion Launcher has gained a lot more popular since its release. It is a feature packed powerful launcher with a beautiful UX. You can customize colors and icons, tweak animations, change layouts, add widgets and much more. You can install different icon packs to change the look and feel of your android device. All these features are available in the free version. The Pro version offers slightly more features like controlling Typography and Gestures. Overall, it is one best android app for minimal and yet powerful launcher customization for your phone.

4. Adobe Spark Post

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 4

With millions of downloads, Adobe Spark Post is one of the best android apps to create stunning graphics and posts for your social media. You don’t need any designing skills. Thousands of free templates and images are available to choose from to design your graphics. The UI is beautiful, and UX is awesome. The tools are minimal, and anyone without any prior skills can create amazing posts. You can manipulate colors, fonts, shapes and add effects and export it in either JPG or PNG format. The posts you create is saved automatically in the cloud which you can download anytime.

5. Shapical X

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 5

Shapical X turns your boring picture into an awesome piece of art. It is a powerful android photo editor that lets you add stunning graphics (shape) to your photos to give artistic looks. The settings are easy to use. The app also includes free stock images that you can use to create amazing artwork with just simple tweaks in less than a minute. The app also offers a paid version which includes more features such as Text tools, Custom Objects, Gradients, Smudge Mode, Save in Full HD mode and so on.

6. The Movienator

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 6

You are a movie, and tv shows fan like me, then this is the must-have Android app in your device. The Movienator is the complete and beautiful app that provides information about any movies and TV shows. When you open the app, it shows the Top rated movies, Trending Movie, Popular TV shows and Shows Airing on TV on that day.

The app has a beautiful and stunning UI. Within the app, you can you can get information about the movies and TV shows which includes IMDB rating, Cast, Similar Movies and you can even watch the trailer.

7. Picai

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 7

Do you like taking selfies? If so, Picai is one of the best choices for you. It is a Smart AI Camera app to take selfies. The app detects the objects/person and suggests the filters. While taking the shots, it suggests two filters at the same time to choose from. You can easily navigate between different filters by swiping upwards.

The app doesn’t offer picture editing or other settings and is easier to use. The only drawback is that it automatically adds the watermark which you cannot remove. Apart from that, it is the best android apps to capture pictures and selfies.

8. Inkitt

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 8

I recently discovered this app in Play store. Ever since then it has been my favorite. Inkitt offers thousands of novels that you can read for free. Yes, absolutely free without any ads. You can find novels of different genres such as fantasy, sci-fi, thriller, horror, mystery, romance and many more. It also offers minor customization like tweaking font size and switching between different modes like day and night. The best thing about this app is that you can download the novels and read them whenever you like.

The user interface is simple and easier to navigate. The apps also suggest novels popular in different genres and show recently updated novels. If you are a writer, you can also write and submit your novels. It is a must have android app if you like spending your free time reading novels.

9. Picnic

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 9

We all love to take photos during our travel. If the weather is not favorable, all your efforts to take wonderful photos during your travel will go in vain. But there an Android app to handle such a situation. As the name suggests, this free Android app lets you give amazing looks to your travel photos. You can find different filters that you can apply to your photos to give it an amazing look. Currently, there are 30+ filters that you can choose.

This app is only ideal for photos containing sky and landmarks and might not be the best for editing selfies or other photos. You can also capture photos and apply a filter at the same time. The app is free with any ads and easy to use.

10. Skip Ads

10 Best Free Android Apps for February 2019 10

Skip Ads is a must have android app if you watch videos on YouTube. This app lets you skip the ads shown during the video. After you install the app, you should enable the app and Skip Ads settings to skip ads. There is also an option to mute the ads, but it is only available in the Pro version. The app also shows you the statistics of your YouTube duration.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best free android apps for February 2019. I have used all these apps for an extended period and even use some of them regularly. If you have used any of these apps, do let us know in the comment section below.

If you have any apps suggestion, do let us know and we will happily include in our upcoming posts.

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