10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019

There are millions of apps in the Google Playstore. Finding the top and best free apps is like finding a needle in the haystack. The Editor’s Choice, Featured and Best Selling, Top Charts, and Recommended apps help to some extent. That’s where we come in to make it easier for you. We have picked some of the best free android apps based on functionality, usability, and uniqueness.

Some of the popular best free android apps to boost your phone experiences are listed below.


1. Deepstash

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 1

It is one of my favorite apps in recent times. Within the app, you can explore thousands of life-changing ideas and skills from a variety of topics. It helps towards self-improvement and self-care and to get you inspired, wiser, and productive. You can find exciting and inspiring stories found on a web presented beautifully and concisely, providing more insights in just a couple of minutes.

The apps recommend new stories regularly from different ideas. You can read the recommendations, share with your friends, and even bookmark it. Each story is a summary of the long article found on the internet and also includes a link to the original reference. Deepstash is one of the best free android apps that helps you discover new ideas to improve your self, escape the negativity, and keeps you motivated every time to read it.

2. Everpics

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 2

Everpics is your goto android wallpapers app that contains handpicked high-quality wallpapers. It includes a wide range of categories to choose wallpaper such as 4K, Airplane,  Animals, Art, Colorful, Flowers, Foods, and many more. Within the app, wallpapers are sorted based on recently uploaded, trending, and also includes live screen wallpapers.

The app has a feature to preview the wallpaper on the home screen and lock screen even without applying, sharing to your friends and family and adding to your favorite list. The auto wallpaper changer feature allows you to quickly change your mobile wallpaper through your favorite pictures at a certain interval of time. Everpics can be considered a good candidate for the best android wallpaper apps.

3. BattleText

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 3

Do you consider yourself a champ in English vocabulary? If so, this is probably one of the best android game apps to test it out competing with a computer or other users around the globe. The game is simple to play. A user types a word, and the other uses have to type the word ending with the letter from their competitor. The longer the word, the more score you get and a higher chance of winning.

The game features story mode with 72 different levels and a multiplayer mode to compete with friends or strangers. The game gets tougher but interesting with each increasing level. An app that you should try to have some fun and test your vocabulary at the same time.

4. Gallery Go

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 4

Gallery Go is a light, fast, and smart photo and video gallery app for your phone built by Google. Unlike Google Photos, the app has a cluttered free, user-friendly interface with minimal options. The app works offline only, so it doesn’t sync photos and other media to your Google account.

It also offers essential features of a photo gallery app such as double-tapping to zoom with one finger, cropping, basic filters, rotating and auto-enhance. The photos are organized based on months and folders. You can also organize photos using folders as you want. Gallery Go is incredibly fast, and I have already replaced my default gallery app with this. If you are looking for a minimal, lightweight, and fast gallery app, Google Go is one of the best android apps.

5. Money Manager

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 5

Money Manager is one of the most popular and expense tracker android app available on Google Playstore. It helps to track your financial activity to monitor your savings and expenses. The app has a  minimal interface, extremely lightweight, and extremely easy to use.

You can record the transactions to track your in and outs of money regularly. The inbuilt pie chart feature visually provides information about your transactions grouped by categories. In case you have a habit of forgetting,  the reminder will remind you to record your transactions every day. Money Manager is completely free without any ads and features restriction.

6. Skip Ads

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 6

YouTube is free to use, and ads are the main source of revenue. Not all the ads that you see are helpful, and sometimes you are bombarded with irrelevant ads. It is even more irritating to wait for 5 to 15 seconds to skip an ad.

Fortunately, Skip Ads makes it easier to skip YouTube ads. The app is straightforward, with a toggle to skip YouTube ads. Once the setting is enabled, the ads are automatically skipped within a few seconds. It doesn’t require you to root your phone or modify your ROM. It also includes an option to set the time to pause the video and tracks the time spent on YouTube. The premium version allows us to skip and mute ads.

7. Crono

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 7

If you are someone who spends a tremendous amount of time in Chrome, then Crono is the app for you. The app provides seamless integration between your phone and Chrome to sync all your notifications or calendar events. In other words, you do not have to open your phone time and again to check the notifications.

You need to install the Crono Chrome extension. To provide the necessary permission, all you have to do is scan a QR code, and it will start syncing all the notifications to your browser. Whenever you receive a notification, you’ll see a number at the top status bar in the browser. Please note that you must connect to the same WiFi network.

8. Firefox Preview

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 8

Firefox Preview is a lightweight, minimal and private browser developed by Mozilla, the company behind Mozilla Firefox. It is designed with a primary focus on speed and privacy. Mozilla has always been the advocate in protecting user data and never sell your data for profit.

Firefox preview is up to 2x faster, protects your privacy, and enhance your browsing experience. It includes a toggle to switch to dark and light mode. The address bar is located at the bottom, which makes it easier to type on a large device. You can also bookmark websites and save them to a collection to organize your favorite sites. If you are looking for Chrome alternative, Firefox Preview is the best free android browser app for you.

9. Taste

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 9

If you are movies and TV shows geek, Taste is the android app for you. Don’t get confused by its name, assuming it as a recipe app. Taste is a personalized movie, and TV shows recommendation apps from real people. Unlike IMDB, Rotten Tomatoes and Fandango where reviews are sometimes biased, Taste app personalizes ratings and reviews based on users’ taste and preferences.

You can sign up for an account, rate the movies, share your personal opinions (140 characters max) and even get points. Based on your ratings, the apps suggest you movie and TV shows with a matched percentage. So, next time if you are confused about what to watch during the weekend, open this app and scroll through the list. You will find one to chill during the weekend.

10. Indistractable Launcher

10 Best Free Android Apps for August 2019 10

The Android device offers tons of customization features, and lots of customization apps are available on Playstore. Customization looks excellent on the phone, but sometimes it is distracting and affects your battery life. Insdistractable is a minimal launcher inspired by The light phone.

As soon as you activate this launcher, it will overwrite the default launcher and shows only three option on the screen, Calls, Tasks, and Settings. The app includes dark and light mode and can help to save your battery life. It can drastically reduce your screen time by keeping the launcher minimal.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best free android apps for August 2019. Did you find this list helpful, or have you tried any of these apps? If you haven’t check it out. I use the Money Manager, Taste, Deepstash, and Crono app regularly.

Feel free to share your views on which app did you find most useful and is your daily companion.

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