10 Best Free Android Apps for April 2019

10 Best Free Android Apps for April 2019

By the end of March many android apps released in the Play store. In this article, I will share some of the popular and trending best free android apps that you should try in April. As always, the apps listed below are in random order and not sponsored. These apps are purely based on my usage and are worth trying out.


1. UnApp

best free android apps - UnApp

UnApp is an app that allows you to select multiple apps at once and remove them from your Android device. You can choose the unwanted apps at once and remove them easily. It is faster and easier than removing the apps one by one.  The app doesn’t require root access and doesn’t allow you to uninstall the system apps.

In the app, you can display the space occupied by each app, hide system apps from the list and even delete apps by a right to left swap. It also offers Dark Theme, but it is only available in paid version. Overall, UnApp is easy to use, and a must have android app to make your device free from unnecessary apps.

2. Recent Notification

best free android apps - Recent Notification

Every day we get lots of notifications. Recent Notification will help you manage your notifications at once place. The app bundles your notifications based on the apps. The best thing about this app is that it stores the mistakenly dismissed notifications and the messages deleted after sending.

You can filter your notifications by day, view your notifications history, launch apps by clicking on a respective notification and so on. Recent Notification is one of the best free android apps that helps to track your notification and never miss an important one. You can view only the important one and dismiss the rest. The Pro version offers some extra features like adding favorite apps, excluding apps, dark theme and so on.

3. Neverthink

Neverthink is an interesting entertainment app where you find amazing YouTube videos of different categories without searching. There are about 40+ different channel loaded with tons of amazing videos. If you ever felt bored or want to relax or learn something, open this app and switch to the respective channel to enjoy it. You can swipe to skip the videos.

This app will keep you entertained and engaged for hours. Download this app and give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

4. Spark

best free android apps - Spark Email App

Spark is an ad-free best free android apps to manage your email accounts. It supports all the popular email services like Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, iCloud and so on. The app is distraction free, has a minimal UI and offers a smart way to manage your emails. You can also create a team and chat with them about the email, create a shareable link of your email, set an email reminder to follow up and specify the time to send an email later.

5. ActionDash

best free android apps - ActionDash

ActionDash is a popular best free android apps that track your daily usage without having much impact on your battery life. It tracks the app’s notification, time spent on each app, the phone unlocks, time spent on your phone, apps launched and so on. It shows the stats on a daily and hourly basis.

Going through the statistics provided by the app, you can monitor and control your phone usage time, determine the most used apps, apps with most notifications and many more. The app also offers additional features like taking backup and restoring it. The paid version offers features like enabling Dark mode, setting the first day of the week and the first hour of the day, remove ads, stats beyond seven days and advanced customizations.

6. Firefox Send

best free android apps -Firefox Send

Firefox Send lets you share files with end-to-end encryption and generates a link that you can set an expiration. With this app, you can share your files and make the transfer secure. You can share data up to 1GB without signup, but if you sign up for free Firefox account, you can send files up to 2.5GB. Transfer of files is easy, hassle-free and very secured.

7. Zero

best free android apps - Zero Fasting App

Zero is a fasting tracker app to monitor your fasting. In the app, there are different fasting modes such as Circadian Rhythm (13 hours), Intermittent(16:8, 18:6, 20:4), 36 Hour Fast and Custom Fast. Celebrities like Hugh Jackman and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson even practice the popular 16 Hour (16:8) Intermittent Fast. If you want to reduce some weights and detox your body, you can use this app to track your fasting time and schedule your meal accordingly.

8. Letterboxd

best free android apps - letterboxd

If you are a movie geek like me, then you will love this app. Letterboxd is one of the best free android apps for the movie geeks where you can find the information about the movies, read users reviews, watch trailers and many more. In the app, you can also learn about the movie casts and view their movies list. You can sign up to rate and review the movies.

If you are ever confused which movies to watch on the weekend, open the app and scroll through the list to find the one.

9. Grow

best free android apps - Grow Habit Tracking App

As the name indicates, this app lets you grow and set habits you want. It is a simple and straightforward app to track your habits. In the app, you can set a habit, time duration to develop or practice it and set a reminder. You will be notified each day to work on your goals, and as you do, the seed will grow into a plant.

The app is minimal and based on science. Nothing too complicated but a simple habit tracker.

10. Files by Google

best free android apps - Files by Google

Over time our device get full of junk and wanted files which affect our device performance. Files by Google is a file management app that scans your storage, categories your data and provides you a recommendation to free up space. The app also serves as a file manager that categorized your files in different groups like downloads, images, videos, audio, etc. and also allows you to navigate through your device storage.

The built-in files transfer feature is helpful to receive and send files between devices. Files by Google is one of the best free android apps to boost your phone performance, remove the junk files and to send and receive the files all in the same app.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the best free android apps for April. Have you used any of these apps? If not, you can try out and share your opinions in the comment section below. If you have any apps recommendation, do let us know and we will share in the upcoming posts.

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