How to automate tasks in Windows PC?

How to automate tasks in Windows PC?

While browsing on the internet, I came across a wonderful and really useful application that allows you to automate tasks in Windows PC. The application has really amazing features with beautiful User Interface and it’s completely free. It’s like IFTTT for desktop and simple to us.

In this article, I will discuss this application called Ellp including its installation and configuration.


Installing Ellp to automate tasks in Windows PC

To get started, you need to install this application with this download link. Go ahead and download and install this software. The software is only 3.9 MB and won’t take much time to download and install.

Once the installation is finished, launch the application. You will see a similar interface when you first launch it. Just enter your name or skip it. You can always change this later.

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 1

Then it will ask you to choose one priority between Productivity, Performance, Security, and Entertainment. Once you select any one of them, it will automatically activate cards depending upon your selection. Later, you can personally configure cards in each section. Here, I am going with productivity and later I will configure cards in others sections.

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 2

Configuring Cards in Ellp

After selecting your priority, it automatically configures some cards and you will see a similar user interface as shown below:

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 3

In this applications, every card has some functionality which you can Activate or Turn off depending upon your requirements. At the top, you can see the navigation menu. In order to configure cards in each section mentioned above, click on Categories. Here, you will see all the available cards categorized in Productivity, Performance, Security, and Entertainment.

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 4

Now you can click on each card to configure it. It is very easy to configure with just a few clicks. In most of the cards there is an option only to activate or turn off the cards while in other cards, you need to add some inputs to suit your need. Here’s an illustration how you can configure the cards.

Configuring Specific Card in Ellp

As you can see, there ‘s the title of the card and a short brief description and an option to Activate Card. Click on that Activate Card button to activate the card. Now, every time you are disconnected from the internet you will be notified.

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 5

Here’s another example of a card where you need to add some input. In this card, you can configure open a folder automatically when you open any specific application. You can add multiple applications to this card. After done, you should click on the Activate Card button.

How to automate tasks in Windows PC? 6

Now go ahead and explore cards in each category and configure it accordingly and activate it.

Once you configure your cards that suits your need to automate tasks in Windows, you can see all your activated cards in My Cards menu. If you want to make any changes to your activated cards, you can click on that card in this section and make necessary changes.

Wrapping Up

I personally love this application and it’s one of my all-time favorite application. What I most like about this application is that it is simple and easier to configure and has a really beautiful user interface. It even has made my tasks easier and more productive saving lots of time. I hope that add some more useful cards in future updates.

What about you? What are your thoughts on this application? Do mention them in the comment section below.

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