Boost Your Study with Marks++

Boost Your Study with Marks++

There are many android users students seeking educational apps in Play store. Play store has unlimited apps for a college student but the problem is many apps lack the features that students are looking for. In this post, I will be discussing an app called “Marks++” for the student that will be helpful for their studies. This app has some best features like built-in formulas, calculator, encyclopedia, exam timer and question generation features of Physics, Chemistry and Maths that will be really helpful for high school students.

Some of the features of Marks++ are as follows:

  • Calculator – A Simple and powerful Scientific Calculator for all your calculations.
  • Timer – An easy to use Timing tool and Periodic Notifications, to help you to Time your Exams and Studies
  • Formulae – View our comprehensive, easy-to-understand reference guides along with cheat sheets, important notes, formulae, quick revision etc.
  • Encyclopedia – A fully offline Dictionary and Encyclopedia for prompt results.
  • FREE NCERT questions with solutions provided to you topic-wise
  • Documents Viewer – Marks++ comes with a document viewer that lets you view PDFs, WORD and XLs files without downloading any additional apps.
  • Quick Notes – Marks++ lets you add/edit your existing papers and documents, with your handwritten text. View links, annotations and even Print Wirelessly using Marks++
  • Study Tools Quick Bubble® – Access All the study Tools from anywhere in your device, in less than 1 second.

Download Marks++ from play store

Here’s official video of the app:

From the video, I hope you get a glimpse of the app. However, I will be guiding you on how to use this app.

Here’s the preview of the UI of the app:

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 1

Full Paper Generation:

In this section, you can generate questions randomly of selected subject one at a time. The app will automatically pick up the topics and generate questions. After the paper is generated it provides you with an option to email or preview it.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 2

The questions generated also has explained answers at the end.

Chapertwise Question Generation

In this section, you can choose any topics among the available one for Physics, Chemistry, and Maths to generate random questions from that topic. It is quite handy if you completed one chapter and want to practice questions from that chapter.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 3

The question generated also has a solution at the end.

NCERT Solved Questions

NCERT stands for National Council of Educational Research and Training. Using this feature, you can get a solution of past NCERT questions topic wise. This section is helpful to prepare for your board exam and practice the previous year questions. Questions are categorized under different topics in Physics, Chemistry, and Maths.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 4

 Besides these, there are also some good features in this app. You have to drag the pen icon to see those features.

When you drag the icon show upward, you will be directed to Study Tools i.e Formula, Exam Timer and Calculator as shown below:

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 5

Formula section:

In this section, each topic under Physics, Chemistry, and Maths has a list of useful formulas that will be useful to carry out calculations and solve numerical.

Here’s a preview of formula list from Electrostatics topic from Physics.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 6

This section also includes features like highlight, underline,strike-out and ink. Here’s a demonstration of this feature:

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 7

Exam Timer:

This app has stopwatch called Exam Timer to help you practice questions in the specified time generated through this application. It helps you to let you track the time taken to solve the questions.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 8


Another study tool is a Calculator that will be definitely useful for carrying out the calculation with the app during solving questions. Though it’s very difficult to use in a real-world scenario and better to prefer physical calculator, this feature is helpful while doing calculations when there’s no calculator around.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 9

The last study tool is a Dictionary which is currently unavailable. Hope the developer soon adds this feature.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 10

Last but not least, this app also had a widget ( shown in the picture above) that allow you to access Formulae, Timer and Calculator at any time.

Boost Your Study with Marks++ 11

This app is really useful for students up to high school level. Unfortunately, this app is only available for Android users.

Wrapping Up:

Marks++ is user-friendly study apps for a college student. It has well-organized sections which fully enriched features. It’s absolutely free without any ads or pop-ups. The formula section, built-in calculator and questions generations features makes it possible to practice for exam anywhere at any time.

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