10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2

We all use PC nowadays to perform our day to day tasks such as watching movies, surfing the internet, chatting with friends, playing games, and many more. The internet is well equipped with lots of features that we are totally unaware of. With little tweaks and tricks, you can extend the functionality of your OS, enhance your use of internet and even amaze your friends.

In 10 Awesome Tech Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes: Part 1, I shared some useful tricks of YouTube , Google, and the Internet. In this part, I will be sharing some interesting tricks and internet hacks.


10 Awesome Tech Tricks to Learn

1. Using Google Chrome as Notepad

Google Chrome is one of the most popular and widely used browsers. Do you know that you can even use Google Chrome as Notepad i.e as a plain text editor? While browsing you might need to take some notes in that case you can simply use your chrome browser as notepad.

Just type this in a new tab and hit enter:

[rara_box box_color=”success-box”]data:text/html, <html contenteditable>[/rara_box]

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 21

You can also save your written notes in the form of HTML document and read it later.

2. Using YouTube without a mouse

Are you bored of the same user interface of YouTube? Then, it’s time for you to enrich your YouTube experience and navigate, search, watch and listen to YouTube videos without the use of a mouse.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 22

Go to your browser and type: www.youtube.com/tv

3. Avoid accidental closing of your Browser tab

When there are too many tabs open at the same time in the browser, you might accidentally close any important tab and regret later. So it’s better if you could avoid such incident from happening. In case you accidentally closed the Tab, you can hit Ctrl + Shift + T, to reopen the previous tab. You can Pin your tab so that you won’t close it accidentally.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 23

To pin the tab: Right click on the Tab which you want to Pin and then select Pin tab.

4. Check availability of your Username

The most disappointing moment while signing up for an account on any website is that when you don’t get your desired username. It is also annoying if you don’t find anyone of your choice. Don’t worry, there a website that allows you to check the availability of username on different popular websites in the world.

To check the availability of your desired username: Go to https://namechk.com/ and type the username.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 24

You can also sort out the result for your convenience.

5. Delete your Personal data from a website

Everyone is concerned about their privacy. However, people persuaded by many online lucrative offers sign up to different websites and add their information details. But they don’t want their data to be compromised. In that case, once your work is finished you can easily delete your account to protect your information.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 25

On AccountKiller.com you can instantly remove all of your personal data from websites where you don’t want them to be.

6. Generate temporary Email address

It is not wise to sign up any random website to test their services since in some cases you receive lots of spam emails. In that scenario, it is wise to use any dummy email address for such tasks. From a security perspective to remain anonymous and prevent spam emails, it’s better to use a fake email generator website.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 26

10minutemail.com is one of a site that provides you a fake email address that works for 10 minutes. Other similar sites are FakeEmailGenerator , Maildrop , Throwawaymail and Mailinator .

7. Record GIF of your screen

GIF is trending nowadays all over the internet. GIFs are also helpful in solidifying a point, celebrating good news, and turning news events into short, humorous moments. If you want to create GIF, it’s very easily with Screen to Gif software.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 27

Some of the best features of this software are:

  • Easy to record the screen, the board, and even webcam and edit them as per our requirement.
  • Absolutely free without any ads.
  • Small sized and portable.
  • Editing features are also available to crop, resize or remove unwanted frames.

8. Avoid Annoying Ads in Browser

Tired of pop up and annoying ads? If yes, then you must install of Adblock Plus extension. Adblock Plus is the most popular ad blocker ever, which blocks those annoying popup and ads enabling you to browse websites smoothly.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 28

To install Adblock Plus: Open Chrome Store and Type Adblock Plus or click here and then click on Add to Chrome.

9. Project Naptha Google Chrome Extension

Project Naptha Google Chrome extension allows you to highlight, copy and translate text from any image. Unlike many other OCR (Optical Character Reading) applications fails to give promising output, the result of Project Naptha is a seamless and intuitive experience, where you can highlight as well as copy and paste and even edit and translate the text formerly trapped within an image. You can read in detail about Project Naptha from here.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 29

If you try to select the text in images from Google search results, it won’t work. However, it works on any images on other websites.

To install Project Naptha: Open Chrome Store and Type Project Naptha or click here and then click on Add to Chrome.

10. Manage Your Google Search Activity

All the searches or queries that you make on Google.com  while logged in are stored. You can see all of those searches you made from the beginning till this date at myactivity.google.com/. It is better that you delete it for privacy purpose you can delete these.

10 Awesome Tricks to Learn within 10 Minutes : Part 2 30

I hope these tech tricks will be useful for you. I will be posting some more in future. If you have any queries or suggestions, please forward them to us through comments.

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