The internet is full of many wonderful websites, and it not possible to know each and every website. I have mentioned below some of the useful websites that you should know to make your life easier and can be useful in many situations.

10 Useful Websites That You Should Know


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 1

In this website, you can check whether your email address has been leaked or not in a data breach. Just enter your email address and click on pwned? button. If your email is not compromised then your email address is safe else you should change your password right now. The site also has the lists of websites whose data has been compromised.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 2

Pdfcandy is one of the best website that offers you lots of options to work on your pdf documents. It offers features like pdf conversion, pdf compression, pdf splitting, extracting images, unlocking pdf and much more. It offers these services without any cost. This site is a complete solution to deal with your pdf files.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 3

Using your work or personal email to signup everywhere is not a good approach. Many websites spam you with tons of spam messages. In that case, you can use a temporary email to test the website while signing up. 10minutesmail provides a temporary email address that is valid for 10minutes by default but can be increased further if required.

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10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 4

It is really disappointed to know that the username you desired has already been taken. Namechk is a website that allows you to check the availability of the username you searched for in various website or service providers. So, if your username is available then make sure you register it asap.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 5

Accountkiller can come really handy when you want to delete your online account from certain apps or websites. It provides with clear instruction on how you can remove your account from that service provider. If Ease of Service is white then you can easily remove your account. On the other hand, if its black then it’s almost impossible or very difficult to remove it. Grey means it lies somewhere between these two i.e it is a bit hectic to remove.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 6

Signing up to different websites to download or enjoy its product or services is not always feasible and is also time consuming. In that case, bugmenot website will help you to provide login credentials for different websites. Just enter the website name whose credentials you need and you will find plenty of. Sometimes the website you are looking for may not be available.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 7

We all use different passwords for various websites. While some websites shows your password strength while signing up whereas some don’t. Howsecureismypassword website lets you check your password strength and give you estimated time that the computer will need to crack it. It shows the time to crack as you enter your password. So if less time is required to crack your password then you should definitely change it.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 8

If you want to improve your reading speed then this website can really help you a lot. Just set the word per minute(wpm) and hit the play button, it will display words at that rate. I have tried it and it is pretty fun.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 9

How often do you watch TV series? Do you wonder how many hours or days will it take you to complete that TV series? Well, this website will help you out. This website calculates the total time required to watch a single TV series or multiple TV series and displays total days, hours and minutes. It is really useful if you have a list of TV series to watch.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : April 2018 10

Boredbutton website displays a red button when you launch it. When you click on it, it shows random stuffs. It is website where you can have some fun in your bored time.

Wrapping Up

These are few useful websites which become handy sometimes. In upcoming posts, I will add some more useful websites. If you know any such useful websites, do let us know in comments below. I will include them in this monthly series of useful websites.


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