In this monthly series of useful websites, I had listed some of the less known and useful websites that you should know. If you haven’t checked those previous articles of April and May, I highly suggest you go through it.


10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 1

Ever since I got to know about this amazing web application, I have been using it constantly. Whenever I find an interesting article, text, and webpage, I instantly save it to my Chapiapp account for future reference. Currently, this web app is in Alpha version and more features can be expected in future. This is another good alternative to a Pocket app. However, only chrome extension is available for this app; no support for other browsers as of now. However, you can still log in and view your saved items from any browsers.

2. DriverPack Solution

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 2

Believe me, this website is the perfect destination to get your all your driver updates. As it is always best to download drivers from official websites, DPS is one of the most trusted source for drivers. The best thing is that you can download its application and it will scan your computer for missing drivers and updated drivers and installs it automatically without any hassle. It’s pretty useful when you format your PC and need to install a driver. While offline version is also available, I suggest you to use it with an internet connection to get latest driver updates.

3. Down for Everyone or Just Me

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 3

This is an amazing website that let you check whether the website is down for everyone or just yourself. Previously, when I was unaware of this website, whenever any website doesn’t open I used it leave it believing there might be a server issue. But now, I check on this website if it is down for everyone or just me. If it’s down just for you, try opening that site in other browsers or clean your browsers’ cache and cookies.

4. Recite this

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 4

You don’t need Photoshop always to create some amazing quote posters. In this website, you can write a quote or any text and it will generate some good posters for you. You can choose from a variety of layout and export your favorite one. You can also share your creation directly from this website to social media sites.

5. Fakespot

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 5

How often do you shop online and rely on the review of those products. It is evident that there are plenty of fake reviews of the product. Fakespot let you analyze the product review and displays some results based on its algorithm. Many e-commerce websites are supported by this website. All you have to do is copy and paste the product url and hit the Analyze button. Next time before making any purchases online, don’t forget to check out this website. Don’t you think this is one of the useful websites that you should know?

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10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 6

You can create a short portfolio on this website with a free plan and link your social media accounts. The process is simple as a piece of cake. You just need to answer a few simple questions and it will automatically generate a portfolio for you like mine shown below. You can easily share your custom link with anyone anytime. If you need additional features, you can purchase their paid plans.

7. Weavesilk

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 7

This website is where you can use your creative skills to create some stunning wallpapers. Without any sophisticated skills and with just your mouse clicks and movements, you can create some amazing looking wallpapers for your PC. Here’s a sample of one (not so good) which I created within a couple of seconds.

8. Alertful

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 8

If you are someone who forgets or misses important dates, then this website is perfect for you. It lets you send a reminder to your email so that you don’t miss anything important. Fill in the required information and submit it. It will send you an email based on the frequency you selected.

9. Typing

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 9

Improving your typing skills is really helpful and even I practise typing in my free time. It just increases my wpm and efficiency. If you are struggling with typing or want to improve your typing skills, you can sign up to this website and perform tasks to accelerate your typing skills. You can take typing lessons and test and even play typing games which is really fun.

10. Popurls

10 Useful Websites that You Should Know : June 2018 10

Popurls is undoubtedly the mother of news aggregators. If you are someone who reads news more often, then in this website you can read news from major websites. No need to go to each site individually; Popurls gathers all the latest news at one place for your convenience.

Wrapping Up

Some of you might be aware of a few of the websites. Among these 10 which website did you find most useful one? Do let us know in the comments below. Also, feel free to mention any useful websites that you think we all should be aware of.


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